More information please

Could someone please provide some more information on these items on the “2B Bisqued” shelf? Are these screws galvanized, stainless, or what? I hesitate to put them in the kiln as I have no idea what they may do to the kiln and if it will effect other pieces. There also the fact than the clay will shrink durning the firing process and most likely breakaway from the screws. Or if the screws will deform.
To this point, no one has asked why they have not been fired and there are no initials/name to contact.

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You might also leave a note with the items in the event the owner does not check the forum.

Thank you I will do that.

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It does have me curious though - I would fear the clay would shrink onto that screw and split on firing.

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Orrrrrrr the shrinking will cause a reverberation at just the right frequency to cause a chain reaction in the space time Continuum that would establish first contact with an :alien: alien entity.
So we could find out what fried space chicken finally taste like. Is this possible?
Asking for a friend?


you know far too much…be careful…