More Heidelberg Progress

@jpalschauhan A few days ago I (and Glenn) took my line tracer over to the letterpress area to try to trace back the air conditioner line from the pressroom to the boiler room, but even after crawling the length of the north tunnel, still no joy. It looks like we’ll need to run a 220v circuit from somewhere. I realize there is a cost involved, and Glenn and I have discussed doing fundraising to pay for that and a set of ink rollers and perhaps some supplies such as:

washup solvent image
tympan sheets image
photopolymer plates

I had sent an email the other day, but I’m not sure my emails are getting through for some reason.

So what do you think? Fundraiser, or allocate current funds?


Let’s take it to the finance committee and board. We’ll have to look to see if funds are available… We’ll have more flexibility once we reach 400+ members. Put together your bare bones ask and your full wish to get up and running. :grinning:
Ps when would you have time to meet w/facilities? Maybe Tuesday April 20th 6pm?

Joe and I did trace these lines on Tuesday. They go back to boiler room, and have been cut. The actual cables are laying in the bottom of the Master Breaker panel. As we don’t have any free breakers, and likely couldn’t get our hands on some, we will probably want to have a new circuit ran to the panel in the ceramics room.


Oh I was supposed to remind someone

The ERP has a 220 circuit in the east wall that was put in for the heidleburg. It’s going to be way easier to tie in there than a run to ceramics room.

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I have my grandson on Mondays & Tuesdays until 6:15. I could do a zoom meeting at 6:15, though.

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Glenn has made a diagram that will be helpful in the discussion tonight. I’ve made a PDF out of it, and am attaching it here:
LetterpressArea.pdf (559.9 KB)

I know that long range plans are to have an outbuilding for facility storage, which will eventually be able to house the mower, flammable storage lockers, weed eater etc… but by pushing the wall right against the roll up door, you take away the ability to use that wall for hanging space - with space so limited it would be helpful to set that back least a foot towards the west to allow for pegboard on the roll up door side - is this negotiable?

The space for the press and a cutter are pretty much at the minimums already for safety purposes, especially if we plan to teach, but I’m certain that we can get creative with storage solutions in that room, and maybe free up space better for what needs to be there versus what simply needs to be stored somewhere.

Because of the easy access with the garage door, it is the path of least resistance for anything that comes into the building, of course. Next time I’m over there, maybe we can bounce some ideas around about ways to keep the area from becoming a dumping ground for anything that doesn’t have a place yet. We definitely had to fight that tendency at the old building by the back door. The shelves there were a magnet to collect unsolicited donations, equipment that has exceeded it’s useful life, and just about anything else.

It seems like the area is big enough for a maintenance area for the mower and building upkeep stuff and for a letterpress area, but I think you’d agree it isn’t big enough for those two things plus storage for anything else that needs to go somewhere, but not necessarily there.

Do you have some free time in the next week or so?

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Not too much - hitting the road Friday

Is it possible to incorporate those two countertops that are leaning over by the gas kiln into that area? As we are able to re-home some of the stuff that is otherwise in the way, more space will start to open up.

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I absolutely agree, and the goal should be to have more space for maintenance, not less. I’d really like to see the area not be a storage space, but a work space. Is the fridge still in there? Is there a better place for the acrylic?

I’ll gladly make time before Friday if you have any…I just have to work around some medical stuff this week.

Getting car serviced now - can swing by the space after 4 if they finish on schedule. May be there a bit this evening. Or if a time works for you Wed let me know.

I’ve got my grandson this afternoon. I’ll even have to just phone it in for the Facilities meeting tonight, but Wednesday would be ideal. I can work around any time on Wednesday…just name it.

is this the roller you need?

How about around 4 if that would work.

That’s one of them. We’ll ultimately need 4 rollers, but I don’t remember off the top of my head if one of them is sized differently…I’ll be talking to Glenn this afternoon and we can look it up. I expect we’ll do a fundraiser or something to pay for them, since we’ve spent pretty much all of our budget until the end of time on the building upgrades.

Well, maybe not all the way to the end of time, but you get the idea.

I do get the idea - $25.00 membership comes at a cost! We get so much more than we realize for that membership!

We just need to offer a special $1,000,000 lifetime membership option. Just need one or two takers.