Missing laptop

Left my laptop at the space in printmaking Saturday morning after my class. Could not locate it tonight. It’s a Lenovo with a sticker on the front that says ‘Kenden’s place’

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Good luck finding it man!

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I’ve found it. A very adventurous three year old set up office in his closet with a stuffed orangutan. I tore my house apart and walked the maker space twice. Sorry for the false alarm ya’ll.


Apologize for the false alarm all you want, I’m seeking damages!!!
Glad you found it!

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Undoubtedly a sense of relief when you found the laptop.

I will heed your experience and put on permanent hold my thoughts of getting an orangutan. Thankfully your adventurous three year old kept it safe.



Me and the orangutan would go bananas if I lost my laptop lol!

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