Missing Cucumber :(

Hi everyone,

I was keeping an eye on the first cucumber my plant produced and it was 2-3 days away from being ready to pick. Yesterday, when i visited my garden, it was gone. I just wanted to hop on and say that if someone picked it because they thought it was too big and was concerned for the health of the plant, i visit my garden every day and monitor it closely. It could have also been a misunderstanding with the membership at large. Someone may have thought that the entire garden area is community space and everything is up for grabs. Either way, if it was a misunderstanding, i just wanted to make sure everything was clarified.


Sorry you lost your cucumber. It is possible that a random person came through the property at night and decided to take it. It’s an unfortunate fact of life, but we have had such things occur from time to time. We don’t have the resources to patrol the property at night, unfortunately. I’d like to get to the point where we can provide more complete camera coverage of the building and grounds, but having a lot of property is both a blessing and a curse.


It could be a hungry raccoon or possum. I know there is a few gazes of raccoons around the space.


Do raccoons read signs?
Definitely need to step up on the signage regardless

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Cucumbers are always 100% safe around me. Now if you were growing some nice Ribeye Steaks… :cut_of_meat: