Missing collet for Shopbot?

I no longer see the collet that accommodates a 1/4” shaft. Anybody know where it wandered off to? The 1/8” and 1/4” bits use that collet. It usually sits on the computer table next to the Shopbot or on the tower itself, next to the bits.

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Did you check the router table? I think that’s where it usually wanders off to.

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I did, but didn’t see it there either. I did find one collet, but it was the larger size (3/4”?) and there’s already one of those on the ShopBot table.

Maybe the handheld routers? Not sure if they are the same size.

We should really just buy another 1/4" collet so they don’t have to be moved around all the time. I have an 1/8" collet for the ShopBot that I can drop off today if that helps.

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Where did you buy that collet and what is the model information? I’d like to buy an extra one ASAP so I can run the ShopBot and table router simultaneously.

@bradcozine I don’t want to speak for @Christian, but probably Elaire. That’s what he suggested when I asked about buying a new 1/8" collet.


Yeah, that’s where I bought from. Standard sizes like 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 can be found elsewhere, though. What size do you need? When I looked last week I found that we have more collets than I thought.

@Gretchen Thank you!

@Christian I need a 2nd 1/8 inch collet so that the ShopBot and the router can be set up at the same time.

I ordered the 1/8" collet from Elaine Corp, but it’s going to take time to get here. I just called Big Tool Store in Derby and they have a 1/4" TO 1/8" insert that just may save the day. I’ll take a ride over a pick it up. Since I’ll have both, I’m more than happy to donate the insert to the space if it works. :slight_smile:


There should already be 2 1/8" collets over there. The one that got cleaned out plus the one I dropped off a few days ago. I think @Gretchen ordered a new one as well before the original one got fixed. We might already have some adapters as well, but I don’t remember seeing any.

Yep, should be here Monday. Maybe I should get going on making a small collet rack. :grinning:

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I took the old 1/8" collet to The Big Tool store to see if they had collets that would fit with that size nut. That was a no-go… BUT, one of the staff had been a MakeICT member prior to the move and shutdown. He spent about a half-hour ridding that old collet of debris that had accumulated in the cracks. The old collet SHOULD fit bits a little tighter, but the hole is still loser than the new 1/8" you brought.

The 1/8" collet that I ordered from Elaine Corp finally arrived… about 2 weeks after I needed it. Their shipping estimate is a bit off, but they were the only source for the item.

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