Misplaced Supplies

Hi! My names Haley and I haven’t had my membership for about 2 months. I left a good amount of ceramics supplies in the locker I had at the time. I thought that I had taken the supplies to my car before I left for the last time but I completely forgot apparently. I was wondering if I would still be able to get those back or since it’s been awhile maybe they are just gone. Thank you!

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Looks like two different topics for two different areas (@Ceramics vs @Woodshop ). Haley is asking whether her stuff is still here and can she pick it up. You are asking about tools that are known or suspected to be missing.

@hwaughtal were they in a locker in ceramics or one in the hallway? We should be able to answer your question but I’m not sure who can open a locker to check. If you can tell us which locker though, any one of us might be able to confirm it’s still locked or something, and if it is, we could escort you in to get them, unless you are a forbidden person, then it probably has to be @Security security.

@Facilities or @rustin.atkeisson should be able to open it. I doubt it has been emptied anytime in the last couple of months.


Haley can be a guest of anyone if they want to help her out, though if your locker rental was tied to your membership payment it may have gotten cleared out after month one. But we’ve also been busy so it just might have got put off.

And security along with the board has been aware of the missing set of tools from woodshop. Recently there has been a high rate of tools walking off so expect some heightened security features in the very near future.


If your stuff was in a Hallway locker it should be still in there. There has been a lot going on since July so I doubt they had time to get to clearing it out. If your stuff was on a shelf in Ceramics then I don’t know what to say. Most likely got swept up and taken away in the Great Ceramic Exodus. Seems a lot of stuff magically grew legs and walked off during July. Shelves were cleared, handbuilding platters and multiple forms that had been there for “YEARS” were taken, “DESPITE” being told not to, if it wasn’t nailed down then people just took what they wanted during July out of spite. If you had a shelf in ceramics and your stuff is gone all I can say is sorry and you’re not the only one.


This seems unnecessarily accusation heavy.
If there are specific concerns of this nature, they should be directed to security. Otherwise, a simple “if they were in ceramics on a shelf, I don’t know what to say” would have sufficed.


I really should’ve been more specific in my post. I truly did not intend to accuse anyone of stealing or moving anything. My supplies were in a locker in the hallway and I was just trying to see if there was a way to get back into the building to access those supplies. Even if it’s been awhile. I am so sorry.

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No, you’re fine.
I clicked the reply to Michelle’s post. I don’t know why it did a reply to the thread.
You’re good and it was a solid question/request.

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Thank you!

They were in a locker! I would have to check my email for the locker number and combination.

I didn’t take your inquiry as an accusation at all. I think it would still be a good idea to come get your stuff sooner rather than later. I think most of us would let you in to get it. If you let us know when you want to come get them, I’m sure somebody can meet you.


Kez, It is pretty much stating a fact about missing items in Ceramics. The day of the Great Migration people were “TOLD” certain items did not belong to them, they belong to ceramics. These people were “THREATENED”, “YELLED AT” and “CUSSED AT”. Members “WATCHED” them take out stuff. I personally bought half the stuff they took from the lower shelves. We are missing multiple plastic platters, a big white one and a blue one. All the smaller platters, bowls, 2-woks and water spray bottles went out the door. I spent 5 years stock piling things in ceramics for hand building. I used those forms when teaching or helping others. Actually I’m just down right mad about ALL the stuff missing from Ceramics. Maybe I should just file a Police report and name every single person who carried stuff out that day, give the name of the members who “TOLD” them to stop taking stuff and they can let the Police know how aggressive and threatening these people were and then the Police can get to the bottom of it. We can pull up footage in the hall, I can easily identify stuff I’ve bought. I go with the flow most times even when I’m not very fond of it. I do it for the greater good, however, I do NOT like getting ripped off, then made to feel as if “I” did something wrong for speaking out. I’ve put up with my shelf being ransacked, my glazes being used or disappearing since the new building. So Kez,how would you deal with everything YOU bought over the years being taken for the sake of taking it out of spite and anger. I love ceramics, I want to help ceramics “AGAIN” but what’s the point of me helping them over and over just to see all those efforts wasted. What’s the point of me helping them when the efforts are wasted and people are dismissive to me because I was not a fan of the previous ceramics lead. I’m getting a bit annoyed that no one can outright say stuff was stolen from ceramics when it “WAS”. Ceramics was ravaged and I find pretending it didn’t happen because someone’s underwear gets in a knot annoying. People need to stop ignoring issues or subjects just because they are unpleasant. Ceramics got ripped off, I’ve been in ceramics over 6 years so I KNOW what I’m talking about.


I am sorry for my temper flare, but ceramics was ripped off. I am very upset because stuff I bought and accumulated over several years is now GONE. I was blatantly ostracized by the previous ceramics lead who encouraged others to do the same because I spoke out about her behavior. I’m 100% “NOT” sorry to see her go. I strongly feel she and a few others were a cancer that damaged the Heart and Soul of makerspace. I did not complain to the board, nor did I make an anonymous complaints about anyone EVER. I didn’t complain because I didn’t think anyone cared. I did not complain because I didn’t think anything would be done. Another reason I didn’t make a complaint because the ONE time I did speak out I got targeted by a Posse of her People with an ongoing onslaught of passive aggression. I had several people commissioned stuff from me prior to our disagreement. Only one person out of the six people who asked me to make stuff actually paid for their item; and then, they only bought half of what they ordered. I had 7 custom pieces I spent HOURS and DAYS making that everyone reneged on, at the same time, right at Christmas. Not a freaking pleasant feeling at all, especially when you know it was instigated. I’m annoyed that there is still a bit of that passive aggressive snarky attitude with people from some of the ceramics stragglers. I feel like I have to walk on egg shells in ceramics because I can’t tell friend from foe, who is being passive or aggressive or who is “LOOKING” for something they can twist to run to the Reddit Room and cause more turmoil. I feel like we’ve all been collectively ran over by a street sweeper. My nerves are on edge and my anxiety is through the roof. Everything is so messed up that I have a hard time feeling settled and relaxed emotionally in ceramics or on the Forum. Some comments get me wound up. I seriously want to help ceramics raise money for the things we need but, it is very hard to feel motivated when you have no idea which way is up or down. I want to help, but at the same time, I don’t when I feel like…Oh we’ll take the money you generate but don’t expect any serious effort in friendliness…just enough fake friendliness to get what we can from you. I’m stating this is how I “FEEL” about ceramics and the dismissing of a few member’s right now.


In early July, the new two wheeled wheelbarrow belonging to Garden went missing. I told Security but never heard anything in follow up. I haven’t actually had follow up on anything I’ve inquired of leadership lately, actually.


Again, this is unnecessarily accusation heavy. Furthermore, this time, it’s a personal attack, which I do not appreciate.
Again, concerns of this nature should be directed to security. Otherwise, a simple “if they were in ceramics on a shelf, I don’t know what to say” or saying nothing at all would suffice.

I think that your posts are off topic and inappropriate and should be removed (which, if done, my posts should then be removed as well), but as the moderators have chosen to leave this awful negativity and baseless accusations on here, I will address the post that was a specific attack on me.

Michelle, as you are not currently listed as a lead or on the security team, you filing a police report would be frivolous and hearsay. You weren’t even in town, much less at the space, and have nothing other than rumors to report. Filing a police report would be a ridiculous thing to do. If people were treated poorly, as you say, then those people would be the ones with a right to seek restitution for the behaviors exhibited. Not you. Also, per the numerous rules found somewhere in the wiki, all suspended members must be escorted by security or a member of the board when on the property. Which means if the former members were removing things that weren’t theirs to remove, they would have been stopped. As they were not stopped, it can be reasonably inferred that they only removed what was theirs. So this is again a baseless accusation you are making.

If things were truly removed in error, remember this would have been a high-stress time we are speaking of, then I am sure that simply reaching out to those people you believe removed items in error would get the items returned…if they were MakeICT property (if you made donations to the ceramics room, did you document the donations?). Remember that these people (whoever you’re referring to) were MakeICT members at one time, there’s probably at least an ounce of decency in them. If something was removed by mistake, :woman_shrugging: mistakes happen and are normally easily corrected when brought to the surface.

It would suck, but at the end of the day, if they were donations, they would be no longer mine. At some point, you have to accept that :poop: happens, people rotate in and out, things change. If they were personal property and not marked as such and not secured in a locker when you were not using them, the could reasonably be considered a donation. Again, at some point, you have to accept that :poop: happens, people rotate in and out, things change.

Of course, we’re talking about things, items, moveable objects. It’s entirely possible that they are just misplaced and not missing/removed and your entire post is completely baseless accusations meant to stir up the forum and negativity in the space.

In conclusion:
The people you’re complaining about are no longer members and aren’t allowed at the space. It’s time to stop blaming every missing or misplaced item on amorphous boogie former-members. Everyone has said their piece. It’s time to move on.


do you have pictures of the missing items?
most notably the missing wok?

We do sleep sometimes. But i see your point.

OPs topic was answered, this has gone off the rails. Shutting the door behind me and locking up.