Misc Garden, CNC, monitor check

Getting ready to head over for Maker Monday. Bringing my family.
As I mentioned before, Trey is very interested in CNC, so hoping he can hook up with SSaner, Rustin, Christian…? [Trey said he has access to a bunch of screen printing frames if we want them.]
I have a few dog food bags of aged cow manure for the garden. Not sure where to put it.
Also bringing a monitor. Hoping Seymour or someone in ERP can just tell me if it’s functional. Y’all probably get hit up all the time, but I don’t have the cord to check it out and don’t want to invest $ if it’s junk. (I plan to bring an aloe plant for the lab if that is any incentive!)
Also have daughter interested in ceramics.
Anyway, see y’all soon.


Did you get all your questins answered or do we need to tag someone here?

Cool to hear y’all are finding all kinds of interesting things at the space!

Definitely shoot a message to James Seymour before bringing in the TV.

We are working on getting classes going for the mini-cnc equipment in the fablab, but if he’d like to learn the Tormach, it’s worth coming up and hanging out with Jimmy Tuesday nights.