Mini chainsaw

We had some blackberries come up in our fence line, we let them go. After 2 years they are producing more hornets than berries. We’d like to remove them before Spring has sprung. We’d need it for less than an hour. We live in Haysville behind the library.

I have a small electric chainsaw you can borrow, good and sharp.


That would be wonderful

I have a battery operated pole saw if that would be easier since you wouldn’t have to actually crawl in under all the branches. LMK

I will be at the makerspace this afternoon at 3:00 to teach the drill sharpening class. I can bring it then if you want

My husband says the chainsaw will be better. Thanks

I left my little chainsaw in the garage for you… on the middle shelf.

Thank you will get it and return by Monday



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Glad you got it done, but, not gonna lie, a pole saw would’ve kept him out of reach of all the branches. I don’t really understand the logic there.

I actually cut most of it with loppers. He just cut the 1"-2" thick parts at the bottom with the chain saw after I removed the canopy.