MIG welder

I tried to mig weld some 1/8" mild steel this morning and got an amazing amount of sputter and cold welds. Has anyone else seen this lately?

The gas was on (my first thought) and flowing as best I could tell. Setting was 4.5/80 from the chart.

I have not done a lot of mig but I have never seen this.


Not seeing the chart I’m not sure of setting, but it sounds like a ground issue or distance between the tip and the weld.

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Thanks for the help, Jeff. I did improve the ground, but I also measured the wire. The last time I used it we were running .023, so I was using the settings for that, but now it has .030. Setting for .030 slowed it down and it worked.

I still prefer tig; more peaceful, less drama. But I’m finished with 1/8" and am moving on to 16 gauge, which may be a different story.

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