Metalshop heater


The gas heater above the welding and machining area is generating heat despite both thermostats being in the off possition. Is there a know incantation that is needed to turn it off?


Grab the broom and give the big (orange?) box connected to the heater a thump with the handle.


I did exactly that this afternoon, and shut it off.


Seriously… I was kidding about the incantation part, but it appears that I was not far off.



Oh, well, I whacked it. Didn’t try incantating.


What surprises me is that whacking it works so reliably.


What surprises me is the building hasn’t burned down yet… :disappointed_relieved:


I don’t think there is much risk of it burning the building down. It is a bit of a waste of money when they get stuck on. We probably just need to replace the relays.