Metal shop question

Hi folks. I’m looking to purchase a stamp. One that I can heat up and use on wood. I’m picturing a brand like we used to use on cattle when I was growing up. I do not have the knowledge to make one. I would be happy to buy materials needed and pay for your time. My cell is 316-706-8144. Please contact me if you’re interested.

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Stamp or branding iron? Either one shouldn’t be too difficult to crank out at that scale.

Rustin, I’d like two. One that is “WBR” and one that is “Wood Burnt Right”. If possible, I’d like a third with “Veterans Day 2021”. If someone at MAKE ICT is up for it, we can talk about fonts/size/dimensions. I have a torch and was hoping to have a stamp or brand that I can heat up and apply to hard woods such as walnut, pecan, and ash. Again, my number is 316-706-8144. I’d like to buy local rather than going online and ordering from someone I don’t know…