Maybe send a reminder to answer questions?

There are many people running for positions that have not posted answeres to the questions. I know people have questions for some of them, but no where to post them.

I updated the ballot page to add links for the people who’ve answered questions. Let me know if I missed anybody.

If you nominated someone or really want to consider voting for them as a candidate, shoot them a reminder, it will be more powerful coming with encouragement!


Good job!

I sent a reminder to all other nominees.

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Still waiting on answers to be posted by a few people. Kez Cook, Jeff Eck, James Lancaster, and Devin Halsey.

My opinion is answering these questions should be made mandatory in the future.

I can see why making answering the questions mandatory might be desirable, but when it comes down to it, failure to answer them could also be considered an answer in itself. Just take it into account when voting.


Don’t forget about Terrence. He’s still on the ballot too.

Eh, I see the questions being more of a suggested thing rather than a requirement for running. I don’t really see a need for them to be made into an election requirement.

Are you afraid to put your opinions out to the voting membership by answering a few questions pertaining to how MakeICT should be run? If you can’t even do that, why should anyone vote for you?

Nah, just gettin’ my thoughts together.

Kez Cook

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