Mario lens

Noticed Mario’s focus was off this afternoon around 4. Examined lens, which had chalky film on the flat side, and an small x-shaped crack near the center. Chalky residue on the nut and rubber washer as well.

That’s a bummer. That lens is pretty new and we don’t currently have any new spares.

Looks like the lens got super dirty, causing it to overheat and crack. Someone will need to clean everything up, check the alignment, and check that the air assist is functioning. If the lens is not usable we might have an old one that will be good enough until a new one is purchased.

I won’t be in town until Jan 1st.

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What mm is that lens?
and what focal length?

I want to say it is a 20mm lens with a 50mm focal length, but I’m not 100% sure.

Oh my. Mario has cataracts.


Just to update this thread. The lens and nozzle got cleaned up and the air pump reattached (not by me). It seems that it is working fine again, despite the crack.

@Christian, when you get back, lets figure out for sure what lens we need and I’ll see about getting a spare on hand.