Mario autofocus issue?

@FabLab either I’m losing my mind, or Mario is having issues autofocusing.


  1. Turn on laser & wait for initialization
  2. Put material in laser
  3. Use arrow keys to move head over material
  4. Hit the U/Z button
  5. Select autofocus & hit enter

Am I missing a step here?

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Yeah, you’re missing a few steps, the most important being replacing the broken wiring and re-installing the entire auto-focus mechanism. :slight_smile:

Just use the 8mm gauge block to set the distance between the nozzle and material. Easiest way is to loosen the focal tube, let it touch the top of the block, then re-tighten it.


Ah crap, okay. I farted around with it looking enough that I didn’t have time to try Luigi. I’ll have to try it again next time I get over there.

Thanks @Christian