March is Safety Month

Hi Makers - For quite a while I wanted to have some honest talks about SAFETY but I kept putting it off. Time to stop that, I decided. Let’s make March into Safety Month.

We have a general member meeting on the 24th where we can talk safety but I also wanted to bring the forum into it to get us thinking. I have a list of questions/articles to post here all month. I hope you can just reply to the topics so everyone can hear what you have to say, but I understand that you might have some thoughts you want to share anonymously, so I made this survey too. I won’t change the question every week, but you can type in that box and then nobody knows who you are:

First question is simple:
What safety rules or best practices are the most important to you?

It can be anything! Be not on fire. Keep fingers 3" from blades. Walk don’t run. Let’s just brainstorm a big list of favorites. Reply here or use the survey if a reply makes you nervous, no problem.

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Great idea!

I used to do safety training videos for BNSF railroad.

Every event we had, the first thing we did is listen to the safety trainer. He’d tell us where the fire exits were. Next, we were to look at the people next to us and remember who they were. If we had an emergency, like a fire alarm, when we got outside, we were to meet up with the people that were sitting next to us to make sure everyone got out safely.


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Got some good responses in the survey too - replies here are great, but here’s what survey takers wanted to remind us of:

Clean up and put things away. A clean shop is a safe shop.

Report anything that seems broken, unsafe, or worn out. Put a big sign that can’t be ignored in addition to notifying the area lead.

Be very aware of your surroundings and the other people around you. A shared space brings up different challenges. Make sure you’ve got a radius of space and take extra caution not to run into anyone using tools.