Manual Mills

So I just looked at the list and manual mills look still up in the air with respect to authorization or not. Do we have a teacher now?

In the old space, nobody taught manual so when I asked about the Brigeport after Paul left, I was told you’re on your own. I figured it out to index and mill some hex bar out of round Al w/o losing any digits.

I by no means could teach a class on how to properly mill something but I could get by om a safety class. (Set RPMs, how to attach jig to table, moving stock, where to not put your bleedy bits and appendages. )

So what is the deal with these mills now?

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There is a manual milling class for the Bridgeport. I just took it a few weeks ago and I think I’ve seen it pop up on the calendar pretty regular since I joined. Rust is the instructor.

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I want to know where the bridgeport is!

Am I taking crazy pills? It’s right next to the cnc mill. Or are you saying there used to be a Bridgeport brand mill?

I’m saying the mill/drill only approximates a bridgeport in that it has a spindle and a table.

and not all right angle grinders are DOTCOs either ya ya we get it lol

I’d hardly call that a fair comparison. Most right angle grinders operate in pretty much the same way a real Dotco does. I’d like to see somebody try to nod or tilt the head on the mill/drill. Actually I don’t want to see that.

tenor grats again

In the past, other leads looked at the ENCO was looked at as an over glorified drill press. …I don’t look at it that way.

There is a lot that can be done with that ENCO and there are a lot of ways to easily destroy one of the $20+ end mills we’re starting to get for the machine.

Send me a couple photos of your milling projects, and I’ll see about making sure the manual milling switch is flipped for you.

Also, you may have just painted a target on your back by saying you have used the indexing head… A few people have shown interest in learning how to use the 4th axis and the dividing head for the enco. Lol