Making YouTube Videos

I am making a video of the Rockin K Trail Race on April 6 at Kanopolis Lake. I need help doing the videos. I will be happy to teach people filming, editing videos, and putting them on YouTube and other media.
My YouTube channel is The Wilderness hiker - How To See The World

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I can’t attend as I have other plans that day, but if you ever decide to offer a class or have another event with more notice, I’d love too.

I plan to be at MakeICT on Monday about 7 pm. I can set up a class with them or with you. Let me know if you can be there then or when.

Fridays are best for me

This Friday I will be at the race.

Maybe next Friday.

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I met with Rusty and Dave last night. We may want to do a video class.

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Super cool… I think it would be fun to have a makerspace youtube channnel (that is regularly done) and maybe even a podcast … (but I didn’t get any takers on the podcast :frowning: )

Malissa, will you be there today? We can talk about a class.

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Are you going to be there today?

I think Malissa planned to be there from 1-3. I will come about that time as well… I will be a little late… since is is just past 1.

I can not make it today by 3. When is a good time Saturday or late next week?

Next Friday is game night I can be there by 6

I can be here at 630 tonight I am running behind. I have a play to attend tonight at 730. Let me know if you will be here.

I fell asleep on the couch. I will not be making it by the makerspace