Making Makers

The first show in the MakeICT show room will be completely staged by the 1st Monday February 6th
Those members wishing to participate, bring your creations to the show room
They need an artist statement, any mounting hardware, and if the work is for sale.
Items will be priced as artist commission + 20% of commission + tax
Example artist commission =$100 + $20 + tax 7.5% $9 selling price $129.00
NOTE: The Arts MIXR is set for February 9th at MakeICT. This is for the Wichita Arts Council, MakeICT will benefit from a fabulous show.


@deanday I meant to contact you. The Arts MIXR has been set for February 9th at MakeICT.


If you are a MakeICT Maker, member vendor, non-vendor, or interested in selling your unigue style of hand crafted item at the Maker’s Market, tentatively March 26, please attend tonight’s, January 20, 6:00pm .Check back to see any changes.

I would like to see past participants or interested parties express some feedback. Positive preferably but constructive criticism will be appreciated.

As I an amateur vendor that has worked with people that live the event life, I want people to understand Profit is not a four-letter word, Fail is.

It really is a fun way to meet people and share yourself in a comfortable way,

It definitely is harder than it looks so be prepared, Let’s insure we don’t waste anyones time, including the members and public.

Many Happy People. It’s a good thing


Artwork is due Monday

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When will this show be open to the public, or at least to other MakeICT members who are not participating in the show? I haven’t seen any info on this other than what’s in this thread, but perhaps I’ve missed something somewhere.

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Thursday, February 9th from 6-8 Pm will be the February Art MIXR and at least 1 Maker Monday the art will be up for those events and to membership, it is there until it’s taken down. The Art Council and the Division of Arts and Cultural Services will be providing drinks, snacks, and music for the February 9th Event.

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Thanks Malissa. I’ll try to attend the February 9th event if I can.