Makerfest Volunteers

Hey folks,
If anyone can help us out from 10-2pm we could sure use a couple of volunteers. This would be a great way to volunteer to help out the makerspace that is really good if you have a limited time for volunteering… because we are only looking a few hours. If you can’t make the whole time… but could show for a couple of hours, I am sure we can put you to work! (There will be kittens and sno cones at this event!)


I’m on the schedule to give tours from 10-2. Be there around 9 tomorrow.

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I’ll be available if I’m not needed to monitor the garden area.

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Super! Just having someone watch that would be cool… might check and see if the guys need help with the food. (That is in a good location to also watch over the garden!)

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I’ll be there!

Anyway I can get a makeICT shirt?

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Super. There are some in the front office. See if there is one in your size.

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We also have a member orientation that starts after Makerfest. We wouldn’t need you until around 4:00, and all you have to do is sit an listen if you don’t want to ask questions.

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Actually, I think they are currently in one of the display cases in the West hall.

Should I give money for it? Cause I’m gonna chop it up. :scissors::scissors::scissors:

Thanks Steve!

I think we should find a way to do that for volunteers

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@ladeana I can help for a while on the front end. Are there things to do prior to 10?

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Just an observation, everybody who’s posted on this thread before me is a badass.


Thanks to everyone who stepped up and helped yesterday. I really, really appreciated it! (I don’t know what we would have done without you!)


That seemed like a darned fine event.

I’ve been asked when the next one is lol!


I am overwhelmed with the support that volunteers gave that day! The setup was SO smooth and people organically stepped up and handled all the things that were otherwise overlooked… the clean-up was SO good that you couldn’t even tell the event had taken place!

I am moved and proud to be in the company of so many great and generous people! :heart:

Makerfest Fall '22 looks like it will be October 8, 2022 at Noon.

I’m targeting this date because the Mount Vernon Neighborhood Association will be doing a cleanup in the area in coordination with District 3 Councilman Mike Hoheisel. They can use the vendor event as an after-clean-up gathering. They did a similar thing for the Broadway clean-up that I attended, but this time, we can be the host!

With it starting at noon, it allows for people to attend other farmer’s markets scheduled for that day. We won’t be in so much competition with concurrent events.

Starting at 3:30 pm until 7 pm will be a MakeICT Member Celebration.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! RIGHT when I posted this, FB JUST alerted me that the Renaissance Festival JUST added OCT 8 AT 10 AM – OCT 9 AT 6 PM as the event.

lol, I’m going to bed.

May i be the first Vendor from the Makerfest to extend my Thanks for all the members that Volunteered to help out last Saturday. I am grateful for all that worked hard, outside or inside.

Thank You John Nicholas