Makeict Venturing Crew Meeting Tonight

Just wanted to remind everyone there is an adult makeict venturing crew meeting tonight. We need to nail down a few things tonight.

  • Make sure youth protection is complete.
  • Plan for an open house to invite youth and parents to learn more about what we’re doing.
  • Assign someone to design a flyer for BSA to present to middle and high school classes.
  • Reach out to potential youth who want to join via Facebook.
    Plan meeting dates for at least the next several months. (Meet twice a month?)

Hope to see everyone there! Any other adults who are interested in helping out are always invited.

By the way we are cleared to use crew number 101! :grin::+1:

Also, I thought we should limit the size to 10 youth at the most. Just in case there is more interest than we realize.


I had another meeting tonight. Please post an update from tonight’s meeting and help @doug.wilson get me info that I can post to the calendar and share on Social Media.

The meeting went well. We are planning to advertise to youth an open house for Sept 16 at makeict. We’ll use the time to provide info on the venturing crew to the kids and their parents. Im going to create an illustration for the adverts and fliers so I’ll be sure to get you that @Malissa before too long (for Facebook).

Our meetings will be on the Tuesdays following Maker mondays.

Our next planning meeting will be Aug 27.

We also started to plan the first several venturing crew meetings up through Halloween. We got specific word from the national BSA office on the guide to safe scouting, which makes 90% of the wood shop and metal shop off limits to youth under 18. Basically any saw besides a hand saw is off limits, as well as grinders obviously, even belt sanders which surprised me. So we’re going to start with software and turning the digital files into something physical. Well provide a few ideas and let them go with it. We thought a pumpkin carving project using inkscape to layout whatever they wanted and then carve it out would be cool, but then we wondered if we are dorks and if high school kids will think carving pumpkins is uncool. Any ideas anyone has would be awesome. We’ll be sure and add it in.

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I have plenty of fabric for sewing projects. I wonder if feminine hygiene zip bags for the nurses office would be something to tackle?