MakeICT Programming competition?

I have been thinking of organizing an unofficial programming gathering/competition. I am thinking about using a framework from opensource competition to get started. MIT Battlecode, or UIUC MechMania.

If you are interested helping and/or competing let me know. We could have a couple classes.

  1. beginners, hand coded bots. (local only)
  2. open class where anything goes. anything goes neural network/ai.

I have done the 24hr MechMania when I was in collage. I am thinking about something a bit slower pace.

  1. Get an environment(vm) setup that we could distribute to get some people jumpstarted.
  2. Organize an inhouse/zoom organization meeting.
  3. Have a few workshops over a few weeks to help out any that is having difficulty.
  4. Then have a tournament.

I have the battlecode 2022 environment running on a virtualbox vm.



What would the language be… my coding is kinda old school :slight_smile:

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The battlecode22 bot is written in java.