MakeICT Market - December

Hey all, I’ve taken the lead on getting the December MakeICT Market going. I want to go ahead and share some details with you that we have nailed down, as well as a few that we will have by this Friday (our next meeting, its on the calendar, would love to see you there~)

The date is secure for December 2nd, from 12pm-6pm. This event is INDOOR ONLY and we will be using room 3 and 4 to house vendors, with the possibility of also the hallway but that extra part is not finalized yet.

If you would like to participate in this event, please let me know below so I can get a better idea of who from the space is interested. We have started to recruit from other events going on so if you want a spot, let us know and we will put you down. We will also need volunteers for parking, guiding people from the back entrance to the doors, and people willing to give tours of the space and sit at the end of the hallway to keep people out if not on a tour. We plan to have a volunteer meeting shortly before the event and a cleanup day on the Friday before.

We have a great team working on this and I have no doubt we can make this a great experience for everyone, but I want communication to be as excellent as we all would like it to be so any questions whatsoever are welcome.

The flyer will be finished this Friday and all needed details on payment and registration will be clear for sending out by this weekend at the latest. Let us know how you would like to participate! :grin:


Thanks, @r3mm13! Happy to support you in any way you need leading up to the event and on the day itself! You got this!


I would like to attend!

Excellent! Just clarifying, as an attendee, volunteer, or vendor?

I don’t know if I’ll be able to participate this time or not, but is there a thread or something somewhere that describes requirements, space, etc? Seems like last time there was a discussion about tax collection and other business aspects, too.


my wife and I would like to be Vendors. Should have clarified that one, sorry!


We will have that information finalized by this Friday, I apologize that we couldn’t get it out sooner. I came into the game here a bit late but I am instilling deadlines to make sure we can keep everyone in the loop. I can guarantee I will do everything I can to make sure vendors have their booth numbers way before they arrive to the event since that particularly irks me not knowing beforehand as a vendor myself. Can’t plan for the spot if I don’t know where it’ll be, lol!