MakeICT Discord Server

Hello All,

I setup a MakeICT Discord server for people to hangout, chat about stuff, and play games. If you are interested in please join and check it out.

A note on the plans for this server.
I am doing some basic setup, but I plan to hand over the server to the IT department so that its management is not reliant on me. As per usual, this server will be moderated and administered by the volunteers who care to, including but not reliant upon me.

This is a community server, and as such I have already set it up to not be a pure gaming hole, this can be anything from a pure chat room, to a planning place, to a party area. Its up to you all. In the same vein, this is a community server, so I am going to advocate we moderate the content and keep is SFW. If you want to post content that might offend some people, you can go make your own server for that.

I am not the most experienced moderator, so if someone wants to volunteer their time to assist with server setup to make it a more interactive place (with bots that post calendar events and stuff), then by all means, let me know.

For now, come and enjoy the server, and feel free to post recommendations here or on discord.



Discord is the main way I mostly communicate. Iā€™m glad we have one now!

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Is good. Want my roles. Refuse to actually make this request on Discord :stuck_out_tongue:

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