Looking to become a member Frank

My name is Frank Mitchell
I am looking to become a member.
I have a solid background in woodworking such as cabinet building and outdoor furniture I also have a background in metal fabrication in aircraft.
I am looking at buying a cnc table for my plasma cutter but really need to get more experience in programming. I would also like to get my feet wet in fusion 360, and laser engraving I have also bought a tig welder and need help learning tig.
Was so excited to hear about makeict with one problem I work 2nd shift at spirit and it is tuff for me to even get into orientation or classes as most are evening.
I am still going to try to make it work I feel I can learn a lot and have a lot to offer as well.


I’ll host a mid morning laser intro class next month.


We do Orientations during the day for people who cannont make evenings. Just give me an idea of what day and time would work for you and I will see if I can make it… if I can’t we have others I will ask.


Please keep me informed very interested in laser class saving up for boss laser myself

Very cool I work 2nd shift 2:30 a to 11 p
I am available anytime this week in the morning or next week if it wot be feasible

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Ok. Would you be available tomorrow (Wednesday) at 8:30 am?

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Sounds great see you then

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I put 150$ check for 6 months membership for me and 25 $ for Carol’s membership till we figure out if she wants to keep or just come in with me. I placed it in the envelope next to drop box then places it in box is there anything else I need to fill out for membership we are signed up for class this weekend and wanted to make sure we are ok to take class without being charged.

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You should be good to go. I updated Carol’s registration. The membership payments should be entered sometime in the next week. Hope you both enjoy your classes.


Let me add the treasurer and David.

@treasurer @david

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I picked up payments last night, and will be entering them in a bit.

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Somehow I got double registered for laser cutting basics not sure how to cancel the class on December 16

I went to cancel your registration for the December 16 class, but the system had an unknown error, so don’t worry about the class registration and ignore any invoice for Dec 16. I’ll ask @Christian to take a look at it.


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Thx appreciate it