Looking for someone with a bit of carpentry experience

Hey all…I thought about putting this in woodworking, but I expect we have folks that are completely qualified that don’t read that section. Anyway:

I am looking to find someone who might be able to come by my house and measure, then price out the materials for a wheelchair ramp. I have something specific in mind, because leaving my house in a wheelchair will involve three steps, with one spaced some distance from the other two. It is one of those things that would be easier to show than tell. The idea will be to eventually get the lumber and hire out the labor to build it. I’m not looking for anything like blueprints, but more of maybe a sketch and materials list from Lowe’s or Home Depot or Menard’s.



I could help you with that, assuming you can’t find someone obviously more qualified.

(Don’t you have a hovercraft tucked away in the garage somewhere?)

@david, once you have it all planned out and stuff and are putting it together and just need people to hammer nails and and operate screw drivers, I’d be happy to come help. I can hammer a nail and work a screw driver as well as any other girl. :slight_smile:

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Kez Cook

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Thanks, Kez!

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I’d be thrilled to have someone who can use a pencil properly at this point. I can arguably use a pencil, but I’m kind of trapped inside for the time being, with no way to take measurements and certainly no way to get to a Home Center or lumber yard.

I had made a mock-up of what I wanted several years ago when Leslie’s dad was going to come live with us, but he ended up needing more intensive care, and that was several computers back. But I am pretty clear on what I’m looking to do, and wouldn’t hesitate to build it myself if I were able to, like, stand up and stuff. I figure no matter what, I’m going to have to put in a wheelchair ramp before I can eventually become a burden to MakeICT in person again.

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I’m off Friday to pack for a trip, I’ve totally got time to come measure your house.

What do you have in mind? I’m thinking an enclosed spiral down to the exit that’s an open snake’s mouth.

Ken has made arrangements, but thank you (and you Curt, and you Jens) for all of the offers. I’d have had you do it, but you should have known to say “Skull” instead of “Snake”. :slight_smile:

You all are awesome.

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And Kez!

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Are you sure you don’t want the snake… I’m sure it comes with some ladders (and maybe a slide)

Maybe that can be next year’s obsession.

Thanks to Ken Steadman, who stood out in the heat and got accurate measurements for me. He also had some great suggestions about how to do a few things when I am able to have this constructed. +1 Ken!

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Matt Furnish and Mark Satoria came over and installed concrete footings, which are now dry. I understand that Matt is coming by in the morning to get started on the ramp. I’m not sure of Mark’s schedule, but I know Matt could use a few folks to help out. He’s planning on working from 8 to 3 tomorrow (Saturday, July 7). Is there anyone who might be willing to come give him a hand? I think I have all the needed tools, and the lumber is sitting in my front yard. I’d like to be able to tell him he’ll not be doing it by himself. If you are available to help, you’d have my eternal gratitude. I told Matt I’d try to find him a bit of help, and am supposed to call him this evening. I live just south of Eisenhower (Mid-Continent) Airport, not far from Hoover & MacArthur. Thanks!

You might have them talk to Zac. I think he had a building crew organized.

I sent him a text – hopefully he can bring or send a few folks over. I’ve already got bottled water to stock in the fridge for tomorrow.

I would come help, but I played with sparklers without adult supervision and am not doing any fun projects for awhile. :frowning:
Good Luck!

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No worries, get healed up. And be careful!

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If anyone needs my address, message or email me privately (david@makeict.org) and I’ll send it along.

I was super careful! I actually don’t know where I messed up, cuz #safety is important. lol. Apparently I can’t adult.

If it were not Otto’s 11th birthday 7-7-7. All palindromes.

Mike B

I’d again like to thank Matt Furnish and Mark Satoria for coming over and working on my wheelchair ramp today. They got much of the framing completed. I’ll be out working on it during the day tomorrow (Sunday). If anyone is bored and would like to come lend a hand, you are most welcome.

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