Longarm machine

Cindy Seiwert and Terry Vandenberg would like to schedule the longarm machine for Tuesday May 31,2022 evening 6pm to midnight and Wednesday June 1st, 9am to 6pm.

@Jhuie @sdowens

Good evening.
I’m canceling for Tuesday May 31,2022 and Wednesday June 1,2022 for longarm. Sorry for short notice as I have a health issue happening.
Cindy Seiwert
Terry Vandenberg

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Just to note for you, if June and Steve haven’t contacted you about it: MakeICT | Quilting Machine Reservations (Though I see a reservation for you on it last month.)

Thanks. I was trying to figure out how to go in and reserve time.
Do I cancel the same way?

FYI below. No response!!!

Steve was going to add you to the group. You should have gotten an email from either Steve or James.

I can add a reservation for you if that hasn’t happened yet.

I didn’t send a message, but I did add her. There really isn’t a message to send, unless you need the link again. That is: MakeICT | Quilting Machine Reservations

Though I have never tried to do it without an actual gmail account.

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I think i was able to get in and reserve the longarm machine for tomorrow. Fingers crossed. Lol

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I have received emails . Thanks everyone. I think i got it figured out.

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