Long Arm Authorization for newbie

Hello! I just paid for my membership today, via PayPal so it looks like the next thing I need to do is take a class. I did go to the last Maker Monday and signed the waiver. I joined to use your long arm machine, I’ll probably stay forever because of the ceramics, jewelry making and laser cutting acrylic templates! Can I use the LongArm authorization class as the class I need before the member orientation to get my badge? Thanks

Annell, The Longarm authorization is more of a one on one activity than a class. I would be happy to meet with you to go over the operation of the machine. My schedule is 50-60% open for days or evenings. As to the rules, I’m hoping somebody with membership can answer that. I can let them know when we have completed authorization. June Huie is the other contact for authorization as well.
I will pm my phone and email address to you for setting up a get together.

FYI: Appointment set, Calendar reservation made.


@june is in Iceland for a few weeks so I don’t think she’s available till November.

Brian and I set up a session for Friday. I still need to see if that counts for the membership steps, but that can wait a few days.

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Sorry for the late response. Yes, if you spent the day with @BrianP today, I think that more than covers your requirement. You are welcome to sign up for Member Orientation tomorrow.

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Please credit newbie Annell Ackley with having taken a class toward her eventual full membership. Additionally, please allow her access to the Longarm reservation calendar.
A round of applause, a gold star, and a certificate suitable for framing may also be in order.

She made a pretty quilt.


We want pictures of the quilt before we do all that.

Wink, wink


I’m going to need to do a nap test on that one.

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Had a lot of fun, but I’m tired! I will post pictures when i get it done. Thanks for your time Brian!

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Annell, not sure if you were still wanting to come to orientation today, but I added you just in case. If you do, see you at 2:30.

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Congrats Annell!!!

I look forward to seeing more of your quilts. The Longarm is SOOO much fun! Enjoy!