Logan's EPIC Magic Wheelchair Halloween!


Yikes that driver only has one hand on the wheel


Im going out of town tomorrow so I won’t be able to attend this weekend’s meeting.

I will be in next week at some point to get some more foam work done on the body.


I have interest in making a memory quilt. We will discuss ideas this evening.


I won’t be be there this evening but let me know if you need anything from ceramics.


If you have worked more than 2 volunteer hours per week or if you have volunteered but have not been to the Sunday meet ups, please let me know your hours, I am keeping the hours by week. If you haven’t given me your t-shirt size and you would like a shirt, get that info to me as well. You can PM me here.
I need hours for the following weeks:
9/9-on will get next Sunday


Dominic and I are planning on a visit to Logan’s family in Amorita on Saturday. We plan to leave Wichita somewhere around 3 pm, and arrive close to 4:30. Anyone else that needs to go to take measurements or gather other information is welcome to ride along. Please let me know if you plan to go with us. There may be a short side trip (about 3 blocks) afterward to visit with the Fire Chief if I can arrange it, but will only add a few minutes to our trip. I’d expect to be back in Wichita by 7 pm. We can carpool…if we end up with more than one vehicle, I’ll drive the smoking vehicle :exploding_head:

Amorita is just south of the Kansas/Oklahoma border, south of Anthony, and is about a 90 mile drive.


You need to look at the foot rest to see if there might be some way to attach support for the hood. It looks to me that we will need some kind of brace to support the nose weight.


The furthest thing touching the ground on the wheelchair is the front wheels themselves, so that will be the pivot point for weight tipping forward. I’ll check on the foot rest, though. I believe that Logan uses them when in the chair. Are you thinking that the structure of the chair isn’t rigid enough to attach only on the armrests?


I was looking for other options just in case we had a balance issue.


Probably something we’ll need to watch, for sure. I’m thinking we’ll have some control over weight by where we put components, especially the battery or batteries, although I hope that the total weight remains pretty low.


Can I get a show of hands from those who are planning on going to meet Logan and his family in Oklahoma this afternoon? Planning on leaving from MakeICT around 2:45 pm.


Me for sure. I’m also happy to drive my car or anyone else’s for all or part of the trip.


We’ll definitely want to keep an eye on that issue. I thought I might bring our mock-up along today to compare it with the actual chair.


Very good.


Does anybody have a (full-size) 4gb or smaller SD card that we can use?

We’re using an Adafruit WAV/audio shield to generate sound effects. It only supports FAT16 formatted SD cards, which have a maximum size of 4gb. I only have micro SD cards that are larger than 8gb+, and even though I’ve formatted a 4gb FAT16 partition on one, the Arduino fails to read it. I have an adapter for micro cards, but if anyone has a full-size card that’s 4gb or smaller, it would be good to eliminate another variable.


I have a 1GB card right here in my hand. I’ll bring it with me this afternoon.


I started a github project so that we can track revisions and better share our designs with the rest of the world.

Right now it just has (the start) of some Arduino code, but we should include our art, CAD designs, and any other digital assets that we can. I’ll be at the meeting tonight if anyone needs help adding them to the github project. If you prefer, you can also just give me your files and I can add them to the project for you.


Please, take good pictures and notes, as I’m at the State Fair.


Sorry to leave everyone high and dry tonight – I was pretty far gone. I’ll be sharing the latest photos from Oklahoma as soon as possible. Again, I’m really sorry. I had every intention of being there tonight, and even got down there early. I wouldn’t have missed if I thought I could have avoided it.


I took additional wheelchair photos on Saturday.