Lloyd's Electronics closing

Announcement on facebook

This news makes me sad. This is like a very old friend passing. Before I knew about Radio Shack there was Lloyd’s. Even after Radio Shack, which once had more locations than McDonalds there was a locally owned store that I shopped in for electronic components. A definitely quirky place, with at least one cat, fish in aquariums, used equipment and new components and tools.

Over the last couple of decades I wondered how they stayed in business given how few people I ever saw when I was there, and how old some of the packaging of components looked.

So, Amazon is cheaper, but buying local should support the local economy better. And there is the human interaction element, which is worth the extra 10-25 percent.

So, for now, until they close, most of their parts are marked down. From the anouncement linked above:

Many of our items are already marked at 25% off. In addition to this discount we are offering and additional 20% off All merchandise EXCEPT consignment and thrift items.

Mike B


Ah, man, that’s too bad. I too wondered how they were able to stay in
business. I did enjoy shopping there from time to time.



It’s all in the birds man…

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The derby radio shack is still open and is a great source for people who don’t want to order on line.