Little things that makes us happy

In these trying times would like to take a minute to reflect on something small that makes me happy! Please feel free to keep this going would love to hear some positive stuff from others like myself!

My wife loves this time of year I love to see her eyes light up when it is past frost and we can start putting plants in the ground.
But I personally always have a few I like to plant too this one pictured above is a personal favorite its stunning vivid colors on its bell shaped flowers makes me happy.


I love to plant things, stick my bare toes in the dirt, watch things grow. This year more than most. Gardening has been my most useful therapy dealing with all the stress dealing with the COVID-19 issues.
Thank you for sharing these lovely photographs.

Barb Kramer :slight_smile:

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I love the warm wind , I know it’s about time to get the sailboat out


Looks like fun!!

Planting is very therapeutic.
I love seeing stuff grow into beautiful living art or delicious food!