Little help?

Hi all,

We are waiting for a few things from the leadership for grants. The deadlines are coming up, and I really need to get all of my ducks in a row. I’ve been asking for these things for a while. I’m missing:

  1. Survey Monkey password and emails to send out a survey. I keep on hearing different things on how this needs to be done.
  2. @alysajaunice and @devin - I need your occupations and your employers. The Wallace Foundation needs these for our application.
  3. Most recent financials - @David or @devin - we need these for several grants. The time frame on this is very short. We are risking grants by not having these available.

Sorry this is terse, but I don’t want to lose out on grants because we’re waiting for information.



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#1 - Get with Kim – she’s had the most experience with SurveyMonkey and has been helping out there

#3 - I’m forwarding your request for financials to our CPA. She’ll be doing a new set this week when we close out the month. I’ll ask her to make sure you get a copy.


  1. @kim I don’t have access to where you told me to look for the password.
  2. Can I have last month’s? There are some that need to be done by the end of the month.

Still waiting on financials, latest Form 990, and IRS letter. Can you get these to me as soon as possible?

If you want, I can just call the accountant myself. I don’t want to miss out on these things because I don’t have information.

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Did you not get my email of Thu, Aug 29, 3:24 PM with financials? That’s the last full set we have. I gave someone (I can’t remember who it was) the 990 and IRS letter because they said they’d be seeing you at the space around that time as well. I’ll scan and attach all of these to an email for you when I get home this evening.

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