Leatherworking classes, and a badge holder template!

Leather is something that MakeICT has never really had a lot of classes on before. I brokered a deal with the awesome people at Weaver leather, and they sent Textiles a care package to help get us started on the road to leathercraft. It’s a highly useful skill and I really enjoy it.

I’m offering three classes where I will teach the basics of leather working and we will make a key-chain just to get the fun-da-mental-z. A video of me assembling a badge holder is up (or will be soon) Link to that below. As well as a pattern for a badge holder that I’m releasing for people who may already be into leatherwork.

MakeICT_Badge_Holder_pattern.pdf (9.4 KB)


I’m glad to see leather working classes being offered. I was gonna step up if no one else was going to. Weaver seems to support quite a few makers, and they put out some good videos.

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We’d be happy to have you as a teacher.