Leadership Transformation Grants

I need to know if any members have taken leadership training from the Kansas Leadership center? Please let me know. I need information for a grant proposal. Please let me know by August 23rd

Yes. I have and know them well. I’m so glad you’re looking at a grant. Call me if you need me, 316-683-4420, or text me 316-393-4245. Thanks for doing this!


I’m writing everything up this weekend I will contact you if needed. Thanks

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Please provide a summary of the gender and racial demographics of your organization.
What do we currently have on this? Just the survey form several years ago?

I had a meeting at the KLC facility last night and got a mini-tour. Swanky!

Everyone in my meeting is crossing their fingers for us.

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I’ll be taking the first session in October, because for submitting the grant the core team gets that. So excited.

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