Last Minute 3D printing help

I know it’s very last minute, but is there anyone that could print a few parts for me for $20?
It’s a few custom fittings for a cosplay item I’m making as a gift. I’m happy to negotiate price if they turn out to be excessively long/difficult/filament consuming prints.The print is 4 roughly 2.5" cylinders and an emblem.

Let me know if anyone can help, thank you!


I can help you out. Just send me the stl files.


Are the printers up at MakeICT tied up?

…if you don’t mind the prints being rough and out of ABS, I can probably crank them out in a day with my old Rapman3.1 printer. lol

Thanks for the offer, I think I’ve got it covered now though.

I tried at MakeICT, but it didn’t look like any of the printers were setup for use.

They have been set up, but got pulled away from the walls so the electricians could do their thing.

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I am avalible too Sam if your other cover falls thru!