Last chance Raffle June 14

I’d like to set up a FB event to have a Drive up last chance to buy tickets on the 14th. That way we have one last push as we collect outstanding tickets.


I will set up a 4 hour block 1-5 I can do set up 1-3 anyone available to do 3-5 and break down?
It was also my understanding that we could not use Paypal as a form of payment, I saw a member post on FB today with the paypal link in their post. @David could you clarify?

There should not be a PayPal link posted on social media.

Could you let all members who have tickets know

Event is live, thanks to Steve Thornton I borrowed one of your FB pictures. Also if I could get a few helpers for a couple hours each that would be great.

Maybe reduce hours if you can’t get someone for the whole thing? Surely 2-4 is enough, folks can contact us for pickup if their schedules are messy today.


Well someone also needed to be there to collect outstanding tickets but I’m not sure what the plan is. It’s next Sunday.

Today is the day.