Laser cutter not firing


Had quite a few issues with the laser not firing when running jobs. Lots of reboots and restarts of the machine and computer didnt quite seem to always fix the issue. Was very intermittent. After a failed run I paused the job and glanced around the inside of the machine. Toggled the safety switches for the lid manually with my finger a few times and closed the lid, placed the weights on each side of the lid where the switched were and resumed my job. After that the laser started firing again. May be a possible issue with those micro switches being a little offset. I’m still rather new to the laser cutter so I didnt want to really tinker with it, but thought I would make a quick post about it in case anyone else observes the same issue I’ve been fighting all night.


I am sorry to hear your problems with the rabbit laser. Zac and I were going thought the setup procedures on the new laser this week. It is my plan to work on the venting of lasers this weekend (Sat/Sun) to continue the setup of the new laser. While we are at the space we will take a look at the existing laser to see what is the problem. I hope we will have them both vented this weekend, and progress with testing/training of the new laser.



Thank you for the reply! I was just doing some practice cuts and engraves to get better using the machine. I was just using scrap materials so not a big deal. And what I did get cut, came out just fine.


Yeah, the lid switches are having some issues. We “fixed” them last week, but they need to be replaced with something more durable.


Why are there 2 microswitches for the lid and not just 1? Did the machine come that way?