Laser Cutter Guest

Hi MakeICT Friends,

There isn’t a member re-orientation quick enough for me to work on a laser cutter on my own so I was wondering if I could be your guest for a project sometime this week?

I’m interviewing with Johns Hopkins next week and was wanting to laser some coasters for them.

I’ve got the files, materials and know-how to create them… just need you so I can have access to the lasers/space. Anyone willing to help a gal out? I’ll happily make you a set, grab you a drink or something of the sort for your help! :grinning:
[Oh, I expect it might take an hour or so for me to burn enough of them to give away but my schedule is fairly wide open Wed-Sat!]

Thanks in advance!
Audrey Barba

I plan to be around Wed evening, starting about 6:00 maybe? If that works for you, I could help.

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Here tonight also for Maker Monday, if that is better.

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The rest of my materials arrive tomorrow so Wednesday at 6pm would be great! Shall I just plan on meeting you at the space at that time frame? Thanks!