Laser cutter computer down

@Christian the power went out in the fab lab for a second tonight which means the computers reset to the default date of 2002. I was able to get the first computer working with lightburn. However the second computer needs a fablab password to reset the date and internet proxy. So lightburn currently doesn’t work on the second computer.

Also, still very new to using the laser cutters, however I was cutting words into Masonite on the first laser cutter at 20/90 and it didn’t cut all the way through. Any suggestions?


Did you check the focal length? I would guess the most likely causes would be focal length not correctly focused or a dirty lens. Did you use the gauge block to check the focal length?

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Yes I adjusted the laser up and down so that the red 8mm block fit perfectly between the laser and the material.

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Do we need to replace a battery in the computer to save values during power outages?


Yes, the CMOS battery is probably dead. This is typically a CR2032, some require one with a little wire and connector just to be annoying. I have a bunch of bare CR2032s at home so I can bring one by.

Yeah, if you’re using 20 speed and 90% power and it isn’t cutting the masonite something is definitely wrong. Someone will need to check that the lens and mirrors are clean and check the alignment of the optics If it’s that bad it is probably an alignment issue. It shouldn’t be used until it is checked out, so if someone is over there it would be good to unplug the machine and leave a note or out of order sign on it.

I’m planning to be there tomorrow evening, but I might be able to stop by today for a little bit.


I got the battery replaced on Luigi’s computer so it won’t lose track of time when it shuts down anymore. I cleaned the optics on both and checked the alignment and everything looks good to me. Couldn’t replicate any cutting issues on Mario, so I can’t say what the problem might have been with that one.