Laser cleanup maintenance day

The thing to remember is two laser twice the maintenance, and I(we) did not do a great job with one laser.

Who wants to learn how to do the tasks?
Who is tired of looking at the mess?
Who uses the laser for a lot of projects, and would like them to be in top shape when using them.
If you answer Me Me to any of these question please respond and we can coordinate a time to go over many of the fun tasks that need to done.

There are some things that need to be done to and around the Lasers. Since they are matched pair for venting its an all or nothing undertaking. They will both need to be down.

I would like to know who is available this weekend for a couple hours to learn how to clean/maintain the laser, and do some cleanup around them. I would like to finish some clutter clean.

Todo list

  1. replace the flex tube on the Hulk/hare/green laser and remove the flapper that does not work.
  2. replace the fan blower plug on the green laser.
    and connect the two fans to the rabbit, so they will both be activated when the badge scan happens.
  3. check for and seal any vacuum leaks. Does anyone know where to get a smoke pencil? for drafts leak detection?
  4. cleanup ducting parts around the lasers.
  5. check and update the maintenance log.
  6. clean/oil the rails inside of the rabbit.
  7. vacuum under the bed. I looked at it a few weeks ago, and there was a ton of wood chunks under the grate.
  8. I think the rabbit needs to have the distilled water drained. I did it in Jan last year.
  9. explore ways/places to move the Masonite year the lasers.
  10. check fans
  11. check autofocus on green laser.

I will be out of town for a few weeks, and with the holidays, I doubt I will be able to do anything until new years. I think this weekend would be best to prepare for all of the pre-xmas lasing in december.

If a time Sat or Sun works for anyone please post it here, and we can coordinate, or send an email to


I’d be interested in helping with this and should be available most of
the weekend. Sat evening is not good but otherwise should be fine.


I was thinking a few hours between 10am and 4pm.

Tom. This still on for tomorrow? What’s the start time?


Since you are the lone person to volunteer. You can set the schedule for the most part. I have blocked of the laser calendar from 10-3. I am going to shoot for 10am start.

I will swing by tonight to verify all of the distilled water is still in the space.

I can be there at 10am


I’m working on the fan control board. If I get it done I will come by and install it.