Laptops in Electronics lab?

Whats with the laptops in the electronics lab?

Which ones (where are they sitting) and what do you want to know about them. If you are referring to some older ones in a stack on the shelves on the South Wall, those are available for whatever you want to do with them.

Mike B ERP assistant lead

Towards the back of the room near the bottom of the shelves.

If someone is looking for laptops for parts or even possibly to return to service under some flavor of Linux, I’ll be happy to bring over a stack of them. In some cases, the HDs have been removed, but there are some that are intact and still boot.


I’m not sure if there is much value to those laptops or what condition they are in.

You are welcome to hack those laptops up on the grey shelves for art projects, taking a wack at computer repairs, or whatever use you can think of. Just please, clean up after yourself if you decide to turn them into a modern art piece.