LaDeana Dockery: 2019 Election Questions

Tell us about yourself

  1. What are some favorite things you have already done for MakeICT?
  • I volunteer for MakeICT alot. (Open Streets, go to schools, Outreach at the zoo, volunteer cleaning, etc, etc, etc… it is probably a shorter list is the things I don’t volunteer for.)
  • I love giving tours on Maker Mondays but have given them up this year to take an Adult Band class. I still tour almost any one who randomly comes and knocks on our door when I am there. :slight_smile: I am super proud of our space and really love to show it off.
  • I have been working on the Membership Committee for a year or so and the fundraising team for almost that long. I try really hard not to lead those teams, but try and maintain a presence there to keep them rolling.
  1. What in your opinion qualifies you to be a board member?
    I try to keep a calm demeanor and I try to represent what I believe that the membership would want rather than what I would personnally want.

  2. If you have served on the Board in the past, What do you feel you
    did right?
    I always try to consult some of the members that I see in the makerspace when I know I have a question coming up so I get of sense of how the general person in the space feels about the issue.
    What do you think you did wrong, or could have done better?
    Something that I ( and really most of our volunteers) need to do better at is spending less time doing direct volunteer work and more time organizing and recruiting other volunteers. We need to put in an hour on things that multiply volunteer hours rather than just doing the thing. (Do the important things rather than the urgent things.)

  3. Are you able to be at Board meetings, Maker Mondays and other events for the duration of your term?
    Frankly this year will be challenging for me. I know I will not be able to make Maker Mondays as I have a class on that day. I can come after the class so I can be available to sign as a Board member though. I will also make myself available to train anyone who wants to give makerspace tours or wants to give the orientation speech. This is in keeping with me trying to volunteer directly less and help others volunteer more… so anyone who wants to help out in that way, get with me … it is super fun!
    If you review the board meeting records, you will see I have outstanding attendence. That being said, this year I have declined to run for board President because I didn’t feel that I had enough bandwidth to preform that duty while my mother is in hospice. I would not expect it to interfere with more than 1 or 2 meetings this year at most. (But I felt it would not be a good thing to have the President out of pocket for that long.)

  4. It is our mission to innovate, learn, and build community at the intersection of art, technology, science, and culture. How would you support our mission as leadership?
    I totally take this to heart. Whenever faced with a situation where a decision is needed, I check it against our mission. For example, whenever someone wants to put some of the makerspace in one location and some in another location, I will question if that is the right action because it might violate the intersection part. And also when we looked into not being downtown… I looked at the mission and there was no component that made that a requirement.

What should we do next?

  1. What are your thoughts about MakeICT’s direction in the coming year?
    I think we need a plan for the next year, the next 3 years, the next 5 years and maybe even the next 10 years.
    I have been pushing for this since I got on the board the first year. A couple of months ago, I put together an example plan so we could have some items to talk to.
    Without a good plan, we could very well drift off track.
    (And, oh my gosh, if I am the one who is doing the planning… well lets just say it is not my strongest suit… so we are really not in good shape on that front.)
  2. What’s your agenda for what you want to accomplish in the coming year?
  • Come up with a well written strategic plan
  • Use the strategic plan to help us write fundraising proposals for renovations, new building, new areas of the makerspace,
  • Try to partner with the city to get options on downtown redevelopment space
  • Purchase or lease a new ( to us) larger building.
  • Actually move the makerspace.
  • Try to establish at least one new area or several trial areas.
    (Actually… there is way more on the plan than the above… but basically…make a plan, follow the plan :slight_smile: )
  1. How will you gauge whether we’re successful as an organization?
    Check to see if we fulfill our misssion:It is our mission to innovate, learn, and build community at the intersection of art, technology, science, and culture.
    Bonus points for making new makers and expanding the areas we make in.
  2. How do we keep and grow membership?
    Make the space a fun, stressless place to hang out.
    Educate the public what a makerspace is (Lumberyard employees have no idea what a makerspace is)
    Bring in a bunch of folks who have ideas on how to get the information out to the public
    Organize the volunteers to help with the process.

How should we operate?

  1. Tell us one thing the Board did in the last 12 months that needs an undo. Be specific. I can’t think of anything in this category off hand. If I did and it was possible, I am pretty sure I would have already tried to correct it.
  2. Tell us one thing not done in the last 12 months by the Board that still needs done. Be specific.
    Duh. Get that new location. This is starting to take more time than it took to buy my house. (Real estate stuff is crazy hard sometimes. It does not suprise me that much that this is taking a long time… but boy it is frustrating at times :slight_smile: )
  3. How much Autonomy should Area Leads Have?
    I would have them have way more than they generally take. I think the board needs to be composed of accountants and business people and lawyers (because most of the stuff the board is supposed to be doing falls under that topic… and it is not something makers are particularly fond of) and the staff of the makerspace should be composed of the committees and leads and director of the organization and they should totally have control over the day-to-day operations.
  4. What experience do you have in grant-writing or fundraising?
    I have written (or helped write) four grants so far. Sadly, none of them has panned out. I have been to 2-3 trainings on grant writing. I have no experience directly with fundraising.
  5. What are your ideas on promoting Volunteerism and a Community Mindset at MakeICT? (ie Scholarships, funded leadership conferences…)
    My ideas aren’t what we need.
    I need your ideas.
    We should start with a town hall where we ask you what would motivate you to volunteer. :slight_smile: (Did that motivate you to come to the town meeting?)

Follow on

  1. Do you promise you can serve out your entire term until next June? Yes
    Do you predict that you’ll be open to running for a second or third term so MakeICT has a continuous, stable board of directors?
    This would be my 3rd term, so next year I could not be on the board. But I could work as either the Education Director or Makerspace Director or as lead on one of the committees.

  2. Have you read our bylaws and standing rules ?

  3. What areas of the makerspace are you proficient/not proficient in?
    None of them. I am totally learning in all of them. :slight_smile:

  4. What are the best and worst aspects of your leadership and communication styles? What can you do to improve or mitigate your worst quality?
    You should be asking “What can you do to use your best qualities?”
    What I should be doing is recruiting someone who is better than me to do the things I am not good at. (I think that is planning… but I do seem better than most of our folks at it … so I may have to re-evaluate.)
    I also need to recruit some folks who are better than me at talking people into volunteering and donating money.
    I am pretty good at writing instructions, we should get all that other stuff done, so I can do some that… (anyone who wants to volunteer for that other stuff … send me an email and I will hook you up!)

  5. If MakeICT didn’t exist, what would you do with your time?
    I would probably volunteer with the schools or afterschool stuff with kids and make stuff in my garage by myself which wouldn’t be nearly as fun.

  6. What steps would you take outside the Maker space to continue growth of the knowledge of our existence, so we’re not Wichita’s “best kept secret”?
    Are any of you out there good at public relations? I would love to have one of you that is better than me take that over. If not, then we need to put together a packet for each of the media groups… TV, radio, local podcasts etc.
    Films would be fun.
    We need to send speakers out to groups like neighborhood associations, other charities and clubs.