Kiosk Build Night

I’m afraid I have to work tonight, so I won’t be at the makerspace…at least not until fairly late tonight. If someone wants a task, we need to cut the vinyl for the sign and attach it to the white Plexiglas® front panel. If you’d like to do that, you can email me for the file, or I believe it is available from either @alysajaunice or @Christian.

Other tasks to be completed are fitting the lock back into the safe at the bottom. @ladeana has been working on the lock and should have it. We also need to lay out and test where all of the components (bill acceptor, coin acceptor, check acceptor) will fit into the steel front panel that we will be fabricating. I will be available by phone if there are questions.




I can email someone the file, but I won’t be able to make it to MakeICT until after Memorial Day. I’m excited to check out the completed kiosk, though!!

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If you upload it here, whoever ends up doing it can get it.


@alysajaunice, I’ve been talking to @Christian and a few others, and the general consensus is that we might be better off with the permanent backlit sign having much less information so that it isn’t so busy. We can then put up other signage above or beside it on the wall. That signage would have more detail, and will continue to change as we add features and capabilities.

Perhaps we can do the logo and graphics we have, but just keep the wording to something simple like “Payments & Information”. What do you think?

I completely agree! I’m out of town until next week so if someone wants to do that, go for it, otherwise I’ll look at it then!

Jimmy and I cut the face plate on the plasma last night. It is sitting on the floor with the template. The svg was a little strange when I loaded it into Fusion, so I had to do some removal of a bunch of extra lines.

I cut it on the laser first, to make sure that my pattern matched the template. After a few scaling adjustments, the pattern was almost perfect. We then exported it and ran it on the plasma. We did try to scale it up just slightly to allow for the kerf. Hopefully it is a close enough fit. We did hold the bill acceptor up against it, and it fit with a tad bit of play.


You guys rock! Thank you very, very much!

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