Jeremiah's Answers to Questions. Election 2018

@JeremiahB I understand why @dom brought this up. I think someone reading your responses would understand too. You reacted poorly to serious concerns about your leadership. Your first reaction was to attack the person criticizing you.

Even if that were true (I’ve not heard it) it’s, at best, a distraction from the issue: your suitability for the position.

Do you understand that many people have much higher standards for their leaders? Do you think that you can “become more presidential”?

@dom is not bullying you. I happen to have a great example of bullying right here actually:

You said this to me in January 2017.

You shouldn’t take this personally. This isn’t about your merit as a human, but as a president. I forgive you for bullying me but I do not accept that you will make a great VP. You are in a public forum making the claim that you are suitable for an office. Your character and demeanor are directly relevant to your suitability for the office, so you should be prepared for them to be discussed.

Trysten, you have proved yourself wrong in the past. I will always stand up for myself when attacked.
You and Dom happen to be best friends, and have all the same beliefs. that’s fine. I have no problem with what you believe. Even if I don’t believe it. You asked me if i can be more presidential, Have you met our American President? I’m sure you can try to attack me over and over. Doesn’t hurt my feelings. Neither one of you have been very involved in Makeict in the last year. So you should be thinking about what you could be doing to help MakeICT instead of again Trolling me.


I’ll respond to your question regarding the bylaws in a separate thread, since this thread was intended to be about JB’s answers to the candidate questions.

And it will likely take me a couple days to get a response out…


Jeremiah, if you’re referring to me then this is at least the second time you’ve written something false about me in this thread alone. Are you receiving weird and wrong information about me from someone or are you just making stuff up and lying about it?

Either way, stop it.

I can’t help it that you are closely connected. and are friends. I’ve seen him Drunk , yelling while standing on top of your couch, in your house. Where you let him stay the night. Don’t try to seperate yourself from him now. This isn’t the first time I’ve been attack by both of you. You want it to stop? Don’t post. Otherwise you are willing to exchange questions, comments, and apparent trolling. I’ll say again. I’m trying to make a difference. I don’t need to be on the board to do that. I will stand my ground when being attacked by 2 friends that come into the space maybe once a month, and aren’t trying to make a difference at all. Thanks again for you opinions.

So I should feel bad about allowing someone to crash at my house instead of driving home drunk? That wouldn’t have made someone my “best friend” when it happened and it certainly wouldn’t make them my best friend years later.

I’m not attacking you now and I haven’t before, JB - there is nothing to be gained in doing so. Civil people can disagree without attacking each other. At this time, I’m only here to tell you to stop making false statements about me. No attack; nothing personal; just stop telling lies. I exited this thread when it became obvious you weren’t going to acknowledge and address my concerns, and I didn’t plan on commenting again. I have too much self-respect to stand by while you lie about me, but I do not intend on replying further.

I like how you twist things, you are quite good at that. lol, And I’m sorry you feel my truths are lies. But everything comes out at the end. Have a great day!

JB, If you could only choose 1, would you rather be on the Board, or be an area lead? Please explain your choice.

I would choose to be on the Board, I have formed a great group of people that could take over the metalshop. The Board needs new people, that want to make a difference. Including growing towards a new building. Some people fear change, i.e. changing bylaws, moving to a new building etc. Lets face it, if it wasn’t for David we wouldn’t even have a sign on our building. Some board members want us to be Wichita’s secret. That’s not me.

PS. Answer your questions and post them for the membership…


Jeremiah, I have seen you volunteer a lot a MakeICT. I have also seen how that leads to burnout and a feeling the volunteer group at MakeICT is to small. What do you think the board could do in the upcoming year to help with the burnout of the small group that does most of the volunteer work?

Tell me about a time when you had to give someone difficult feedback. How did you handle it?

Burnout will continue to be a problem, until we find a way to get more volunteers. Something that has been stated before , is that a huge portion of members don’t care about volunteering, or who is on the Board. What they care about is continuing to have a place to use awesome tools and equipment. The Board should find a solution to this problem by working with area leads and making it well know to new members that we run on volunteers. There needs to be more ways to get people involved. Following in line with Doug’s clean up days would be a start. Something has to change before MakeICT loses the main volunteers it has.

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There have been several times I have had to give Difficult feedback as an area lead. There were multiple issues going on with a new member on the Tormach. I had to explain how our shared space works, and how pushing the limits of those rules was a bad thing. During this discussion I ask my assistant Paul to be there as well. We were able to work as a team to explain in detail and defuse any future incidents.

If selected for this position, can you describe your strategy for the first 90 days?

First thing to do is find out where we are at as a board on multiple issues. Building fund, Moving, Maximizing the current space,Bylaw changes,and how we should operate etc… If there are things we all agree on from the beginning, then I would like to see us start with those issues. Show membership that we can work together, and get things done in a timely fashion. I would really like to see things getting done this year, not just talk.

It has been brought up recently that it may be highly irregular and potentially unethical to have board members that collect payment for classes taught through the makerspace considering the fact that the board sets the policies on instructor payments, among other issues. I am no expert on the matter, but from my research into how DMS operates I know that they do not allow their board members to be paid for classes while they serve and for a year afterwards. I think that any change to our policy on this matter should be guided by input from an expert, but I’m curious if you would still seek a board position if it was determined that board members could not collect payment for teaching classes. You are certainly our most prolific instructor, so this would affect you the most, though it would apply to others as well.

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I heard this come up as well. While i an unsure of the actual rules, I look forward to finding out. I don’t see how me teaching a class and being paid as a member has anything to do with me being on the board. This would obviously affect multiple people on the board. I am running for the board because i believe we need to push for change. If I don’t like how things are run, I should step up to the plate and try for myself. While I would run either way, not allowing members teaching a class to be paid would potentially stop me from teaching most if not all of the classes I currently teach.

I would like to see this question sent to everyone so we can gather thoughts.

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That actually would be a good question for all the folks on the board as there are many of us who do classes. I think it could potentially be a conflict of interest if we needed to change the current payment schemes. That is one of the things that burns me about congress having that power. Not sure what the solution is though… some of our more prolific trainers are or have been on the board.

What techniques and tools do you use to keep yourself organized?

I use my phone and laptop for staying up to date on meetings, classes, etc. I have created my own class structures and curriculum while keeping different levels of experience in mind. I also do hands on checking of inventory levels on thing i may need for the metalshop including welding wire, Tips, Grinding wheels, drill bits, bandsaw blades, welding gases etc.