January instructor checks

Have these been issued? Surely the board isn’t waiting any longer past the maximum 15 days permitted by a previous board’s decision. Am I missing something?


Its tax season so checks might be a little slow. We have to get all the donation paperwork out to people for tax time, as well as instructor tax stuff… and we are all just volunteers. I’m sure they are working on it.


I do intend to be there this evening and taking care of it . i am dealing with our cows and water issues . I am really sorry but the weather has not been kind.


Thanks for the update. See you this evening. Keep that livestock safe. We put a heat lamp out for the birds last night.


Ah man are they whiney cows? Grandad always threatened to eat the whiney cows first lol.

Keep warm and thanks!

Is there an update about checks?

Update from @Finance ?

They were in the space. We don’t have mail slots like we used to and I don’t believe a place has been designated for them like the old space.
@BJschelle has them if they aren’t stashed at the space somewhere.

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In Jai’s office

Checks have been in my office for some time. We’ve all been very busy dealing with the fallout from the terrible weather. I will be at the Maker Space tonight beginning from 6 to 9