ISO Raw Materials

Hey wood shop fam! Where’s the best place in town to get walnut? I’m looking to make 8 charcuterie boards in the next week. I would also be willing to do laminated pieces with end pieces or scraps.

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I generally get walnut from Richard’s in Kechi. I’m sure there may be cheaper places, but he’s got a lot of hardwoods over there.

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Please elaborate: Who or what is Richard’s? A lumber yard? Hardware store?

Richard’s Wood Shop. A lumber supplier. I don’t think there’s actually a website, but he has a presence on Facebook: Richard's Wood Shop - Home | Facebook

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Stones Sticks in burrton. Jesse Busenitz in whitewater. Both have a Facebook page.


Jesse Busenitz does occasional giveaways for sharing his page. Lots of videos of his mill as well as his woodworking

I am looking for the best priced oak I can find. Anyone have thoughts? I went out to Busenitz and what he had isn’t really what I am looking for. Mostly I am looking for 1x4 material. I can finish planing it to size. I was about to start calling to get prices but thought someone here may already know the answer of where to go.

Inter mountain delivers to Wichita at least twice a week.