Is this a good deal?

60watt Rabbit RL-90-60-9060 with rotary attachment. New in June 2020. $6000
I have an Epilog Mini 24 and love it. Isn’t one of the machines at the makerspace a Rabbit? I have an opportunity to buy and have been looking into bigger machines.
I’d love some feedback. Please and thank you!

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It’s true that one of the machines at MakeICT is a Rabbit. Laser Cutter - MakeICT Wiki

It has been extensively modified over the 6 years we have used it. When we were in the market for an additional machine we chose a different manufacturer, at least partially due to issues with the Rabbit and also with their pricing.

Several of our makers have experience with a variety of laser cutters, large and small. Hopefully some of them will offer their experiences.

Also, the online resources of other maker spaces typically include details about their equipment. So, for example, this is the Dallas Maker Space wiki: Category:Laser - Dallas Makerspace


We obviously haven’t bought anything from Rabbit recently, but in our experience the markup over other similar chinese laser cutters wasn’t really worth it. The machines they sell are about double the price that you can get them elsewhere, and they are built pretty much the same.

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My cheap Chinese laser I got from a vendor on ebay just keeps chugging love using it. The cnc plasma cutter will be here in July

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@Christian Thanks for the input. I’ve decided to pass on the machine. For that price, I could get a 100 watt which is really what I want.

@Frank Thank you for your opinion. I am passing on the Rabbit. I can wait for exactly what I want and that isn’t it. So jealous, but happy for you about the plasma cutter!!