Introducing our newest family member

Say hello to Samson.


What a great way to start my week, with your announcement of such a wonderful addition to your family.

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He’s so cute and fluffy looking! Are the other pets as happy to have him?

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Our previous Golden Retriever died last November, so the only one left to be disgruntled is my daughter’s cat, and she’s pretty chill (actually, they both are).

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I can see the family resemblance. :grin:


He is so adorable!!! Not a big animal lover but I would take him.

Today was the day we got to take him home for good! He’s currently napping in the living room, trying to make sense of meeting the new family and seeing his new home, which included a cat that is bigger than he is and a 19-month old.


Dogs are an absolute joy! Gratz on the new addition. Good looking too!