Instructor Checks for June Classes Ready

For those of you who taught classes in June, I’ve issued checks and dropped them off at the makerspace. If you have a mailbox, your check is in your box. For those who do not have their own mail slot, I’ve put your check in the mailbox for the Area Lead of the area you taught your class in.

For those who struggle to pay dues, teaching a class is a great way to pay for your membership and to even make some coin on the side. The process is pretty easy. If you need help getting started, shoot an email to Kim ( or Christian (, and they can show you how to schedule a class. Remember that the price of the class is up to you. MakeICT provides the space, markets the class on our site and on social media, and handles all of the paperwork and billing. You get 75% of the fees collected, with MakeICT getting the other 25%. You will get a check around the first of the month following your class. If you teach a class in July, you can expect payment on or near the first of August.

Please consider sharing your knowledge – we’ve got a lot of people who love learning new things! You’ll meet new people and will get to know your fellow members better in a class.


Area Leads: You may find a check in your box for someone who taught a class in your area. Please help me make sure that they get them in a timely manner.