I'm on the ballot for the 2019 Board elections

Hi everyone,
Since I have been nominated for a few positions on the Board this year and I have decided to accept the nominations and I will not be able to attend the annual member meeting as I committed to a Charity event in Iowa before the date for our meeting was announced.
I figured I should make an about me post. ( Bare with me … I generally do not talk about myself).

My name is Josh Robinson and I have been a member at MakeICT for around the two years.
In my personal life I work as an IT professional administering a Helpdesk ,servicing servers and end user work stations.

I am an activist that raises awareness and support for a number of issues including LGBTQA Youth, Aids awareness and Human rights.

I am an avid 3d printer owning 5 of my own printers at home (I don’t have a problem really!!)
I spend time on a number of other making projects and hobbies but this post will be long enough without that endless list.

Since joining Makeict I have found a passion for volunteering my time, I have helped set up for and aided in what I would call the majority of the Maker Mondays while I have not made every maker Monday I would say I have been at most of them.
I have also volunteered my time to be on the Security team where I have helped with the key process and building safety.

I assist with the Events team helping to set up classes and events on the schedule for people to sign up for.

For around a year I have also served as the Metalshop lead where I work with two amazing assistants (John Miranda and Jimmy Tennant ) to upkeep of the machines and help facilitate learning of the metal arts.
I give the safety classes and teach a number of various classes around the shop. mostly based on feed back and the subjects our members request including but not limited to , Sand Blasting , powder coating and Cnc plasma.

I believe the 2019 board will be one that will sets the pace for the future of MakeICT and the Makerspace and I would love to help make that future the best that it can be.

Please feel free to ask me any questions you have via reply this post or e-mail (- "Josh.Robinson@makeict.org " and I will try to respond in a timely manor.


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