I bought us a vacuum

For Christmas for us I went out on Facebook marketplace and found a 3 year old Bissel with a retractable cord and a canister that is way easier to dump out because our current vacuum cleaners were frustrating to me. I’m not saying it’s the perfect one for us, if we don’t want it it could also live in my basement. It’s a $150 vacuum but I got it used for $80.

Does anyone know the origin of the Panasonic we have now?

I’m also all for us having more than one vacuum.


We have had as many as three vacuum cleaners working at once. We do need to be careful to not use anything without a good HEPA filter if there is metal, silica, paint, or exotic wood in what is being vacuumed. Off the top of my head, there is no place in the building where a non-HEPA vacuum should be considered safe to use.